Austin, Texas is a bicycle friendly city. Whether it is a social ride, or a ride to work, bicyclists share the roads with cars and trucks. A cyclist, even when wearing a helmet, is no match for a car and truck. Bicycle accidents commonly result in a variety of serious injuries, in addition to death. These serious injuries may deprive a cyclist of not only his or her good health, but also his or her capacity to earn a living, and the ability to care for his or her family.

To recover for bicycle accident, the injured party has the burden of proving the driver of the automobile was negligent. This means the victim must explain how the driver was negligent and how the accident caused the victim’s injuries. Finally, the victim must prove that the injuries are of the type that deserve just compensation.

Although the above requirements sound difficult, Attorney Samuel Solodar can assist by skillfully navigating an injured person’s claims through the complexities of the court system, identifying the legal bases for the claims and quantifying the damages to which the injured individual is entitled.

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